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April 2021 / Civics, Instruction, PROGRESS, VALRC, Virginia Department of Education

Civics Education as a Critical Component of Adult Education

from the VDOE A key outcome of participation in adult education is that students are empowered to be more engaged in and informed about their roles as parents, employees,… Read More

April 2021 / Civics, ESOL, Instruction, PROGRESS, VALRC

Re-imagining the Citizenship Class

by Anne Dugger & Mari Hunt Wassink Citizenship, as many of us know, is a right and a responsibility—and it requires work. Being engaged in our communities can be… Read More

April 2021 / Civics, ESOL, Instruction, PROGRESS, VALRC

Prompting Local Change Through Civics Lessons

“Civics Education should be a part of all adult education programming so all learners develop the skills for understanding and thinking critically about the world around them.” by Sarah Lupton… Read More

April 2021 / Civics, ESOL, Information Literacy, Instruction, PROGRESS, VALRC

Civics Instruction Through Diving Deep

by Keira Zirkle One of the most exciting aspects to teaching ESOL adult learners is the multiple facets of learning that occur in a classroom. There is… Read More

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