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April 2023 / SPOTLIGHT 2023


Read and download SPOTLIGHT 2023, the full second annual issue of Virginia's publication for writing by adult education learners. Read More

November 2023 / Immigration Stories, Love and Relationships, Pets, SPOTLIGHT 2023

This Will Never Be A Final Goodbye

by Rodrigo Lemus Matus Every time we say goodbye we inevitably feel an emptiness; an emptiness that we fill with a sort of illusion, an illusion to see each other… Read More

November 2023 / Arts, Community, Education and Learning, Nature, Personal Narrative, Philosopy, SPOTLIGHT 2023

Thank You, Whatever Comes

by Conrado Tostado When I was sixteen and I started meeting my poet friends every Friday afternoon at the newly opened Gandhi bookshop’s café, in south Mexico City, I read… Read More

November 2023 / Community, Countries, Cultural Traditions, Ecuador, Informative Writing, Nonfiction, SPOTLIGHT 2023

A Paradise in the Middle of the World

by Maria Altamiram0 Did you know that Ecuador has this name because it is geographically located on the equatorial line of the Earth? Without a doubt, Ecuador is a country… Read More

November 2023 / Countries, Cultural Traditions, Food, Informative Writing, Mexico, Nonfiction, SPOTLIGHT 2023

Chihuahua – Smashing! Amazing!

by Liz NDoumi People believe that the Apache Indians (pictured here) come from the USA, but the reality is different. For thousands of centuries, Chihuahua was the heart of the… Read More