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Meeting the Challenge of Online Learning Disparities for Adult Learners

At CORE, we asked ourselves, β€œif not now, when?” by Donna Walker James Issues of digital disparity have never been so stark. Just logging into a home computer and working from home is now so obviously a luxury reserved for those with broadband, a computer,… Read More

Trauma-Informed Care: What’s All the Fuss About?

by Laura J. Clark It seems that everywhere you look these days, there is a conversation about trauma-informed care. With more people learning about this important body of work, the implications for how we live and work together become increasingly clear. But what is this work all… Read More

Teaching Skills that Matter through Health-related Project-based Learning Experience

“Doing the project made me feel like I could do hard things in English.” “I am more confident.” “I learned from my classmates, not only the teacher.” “I had to communicate with people in English.” by Lyle Ring Health literacy has always been important… Read More

Re-imagining the Citizenship Class

by Anne Dugger & Mari Hunt Wassink Citizenship, as many of us know, is a right and a responsibilityβ€”and it requires work. Being engaged in our communities can be difficult as we navigate adult lifeβ€”kids, career, schoolβ€”any number of day-to-day activities can keep us away from the solemnity of… Read More

How Can Registration & Intake Processes be Streamlined in an Equitable Manner?

“Our peer coach, William (Bill) Creighton, was instrumental in providing guidance to use the milestones provided by AE&L to set goals/objectives and remain on a timeline.” Team Registration Remix How Can Registration & Intake Processes be Streamlined in an Equitable Manner? by Jasmine Galloway Team Members Project Summary:… Read More


ZeeMapsΒ is a free tool that allows users to create, publish, and store interactive maps. What are the benefits? The tool can be used on all smart phones and tablets. Maps can be created in the program or by using spreadsheets. Users can use an… Read More

SPOTLIGHT – Call for Submissions

Step Into the SPOTLIGHT!Β  What is SPOTLIGHT? SPOTLIGHT is an exciting, statewide annual online publication that seeks to shine a light on adult education learners, their experiences, and their learning through the creative process.Β  The first issue of… Read More

Employability Skills Framework

Employability skills are general skills that are necessary for success in the labor market at all employment levels and in all sectors. These skills have a number of namesβ€” soft skills, workforce readiness skills, career readiness skillsβ€” but they all speak to the same set of core skills that employers… Read More

Accessibility Tips

Creating accessible content is not just for individuals with disabilities. Accessible content benefits many users such as English language learners, beginning literacy learners, mobile device users, and users with low bandwidth. The aim of accessible content is improved access for all. Creating accessible content can feel overwhelming at times, but… Read More