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by Nataliia Belko

My name is Nataliia Belko. I am from Ukraine. I came here on 01/25/23. I came here by airplane with my son. His name is Yehor, he is 13 years old. Our trip took 3 days. First we go by bus from Ukraine to Poland. Then we had a flight from Poland to Geneva to Lisbon and then to Washington DC. In Washington DC my son and me to meet my sister’s family. Her husband helped us move to the USA. We really appreciated him.

My family came here because of a war. Now I have a difficult time for my family. Now my family lives in Roanoke, Virginia. Now we are safe and many people help us. Here a lot of people are friendly and help us integrate into society. My son goes to Woodrow Wilson school, and I go to English class. I am trying to improve my English because I want to look for a good job and earn good money.

Before I came to USA, I know about many things like how people live here. I mean life level, political situation and other things. My biggest confusion here is that it is a long paper way but the biggest surprise to me is the nature of Virginia. I have here challenges, difficulties only with public transport. It’s not good.

Now I feel thankful for everybody who helps my family