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For The Love Of Exploring India

by Naresh Kumar

Today I will share with you my feelings about India. India is a very beautiful country, and a little bit crazy too.

I started working with an Indian travel agency in 2004 as a chauffeur. I started my own company in 2015 and it is still operating. During this time, I met people from different parts of the world on each tour, and I also explored my country. They shared with me information about their country, like tourist spots and what is good or bad.

I didn’t learn English in school. I studied in a government school that focused only on Hindi. It was very difficult for me to speak and understand English. But when I started working with the travel agency, I was able to learn by myself with an English dictionary in my pocket. As a result, each client was very happy with my service, and enjoyed speaking with me in English. I explored India with tourists, seeing my country’s history, traditions, religion, and monuments. I drove around the whole of India; to many different parts and I learned that India is one of the oldest countries in the world. Yoga was developed in India, and also Ayurvedic medicine which is one of the world’s oldest medical systems – a form of medicine developed a thousand years ago, and still practiced today. India is a beautiful country with a lot to offer – travel, driving, shopping and markets. In India, everything is possible.

Here’s an interesting story. Once, I met a Russian family. I picked them up from Bihar in Eastern India – quite far from New Delhi. When I met them in the airport with flowers, I noticed that they could speak only Russian. I traveled with them for one week. We did not speak the same language, but I accepted this challenge and continued my tour, using body language and Google for translating. Afterwards, they said to my company boss, “Naresh is a wonderful person, and he has a lot of knowledge about every city, monument and road.” My boss invited me into the office and all the staff appreciated my work, and were very happy with the service I gave clients.

On one tour in 2014, I met my dream girl – my wife. She was in India for the first time with her family. I was a travel desk manager at her hotel. I made the trip itinerary for them and, at their request, I personally drove the car throughout Delhi. One reason my English is so good is that my wife and I speak English each day. She’s from the USA, and she is the role model of my life. Sometimes in life, this type of challenge comes but you have to accept the challenge and continue to move forward. Things became easier when I met my wife, who showed me what real love is about. Real love is about helping others and always being of service to others.