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Resources for ESOL Conversation Classes/Activities

Curriculum/Classroom Materials: High Intermediate – Advanced Proficiency Classes/Learners

ESL Library Discussion Starters: This is not free, but these are lesson plans for various discussion topics. They are for low intermediate to advanced level ESL learners.

Conversation Classes – Tim’s Free English Lesson Plans: This has lesson plans based on conversation topics. The levels range from intermediate to advanced (they are using the CEFR levels).

Getting Learners Talking with Career Conversations: This resource provides ideas and strategies for using the American School Counselor Association’s Career Conversations toolkit with adult learners.

Curriculum/Classroom Materials: Low Intermediate – Beginner Proficiency Classes/Learners

Home Reading Skills for Today’s Adults Southwest Adult Basic Education Marshall: This resources has readings that can be read or listened to on a variety of topics. The readings are accompanied by pre and post questions as well as vocabulary activities.

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab – English Listening: This resource has lessons built around listening activities. Each lesson includes the listening activity along with pre and post listening activities and extension activities.

VOA Learning English – About Us – VOA – Voice of America English News: This resource has very detailed lesson plans that include all aspects of English language learning.

Curriculum/Classroom Materials: Pronunciation

Blue Canoe: This is the app that REEP in Arlington uses for pronunciation practice. I do not know much about it. There is a free version, but it uses the color vowel chart to teach and practice pronunciation.

About Tools To-Go: This resource has tools for learning and practicing pronunciation. It has videos that show mouth movement for all consonant and vowel sounds.

ESL Pronunciation & Conversation: This resource has pronunciation and conversation activities that are centered around specific situations and/or purposes.

Rachel’s English YouTube Channel: This YouTube channel has videos to assist with pronunciation of American English.

Clear English Corner with Keenyn Rhodes: This YouTube channel has videos to assist with pronunciation of specific sounds in English.

Articles/Guides on Developing ESL Conversation Classes:

10-step guide to teaching effective conversation classes Dylan Gates: This is a guide on how to develop ESL conversation classes. It provides steps for planning as well as a good lesson plan template.

English Conversation Class: How to Teach Conversational English Class: This has some activity ideas but also provides best practices for teaching an ESL conversation class. (The website has a lot of ads and is hard to read through, but it does have good information.)

ESL Speaking & Conversation Activities for Teens and Adults: This resource outlines potential activities for an ESL conversation class. It does not provide materials; only explains the activities and how to implement them.  (The website has a lot of ads and is hard to read through, but it does have good information.)

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