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Read Theory

Read Theory logoWhat is it?

ReadTheory is a free educational tool that provides online reading activities, along with skill building exercises, for all ages and abilities.

This adaptive website adjusts the reading level of the passages it provides based on how students score as they answer quizzes and accumulate knowledge points. Multiple choice questions focus on reading comprehension, including making inferences and even identifying logical fallacies. Teacher and student accounts are free.

How do you obtain it?

In order to create a free account, visit the website and create an account. Students will also need to create their own free accounts.

What are the benefits?

  • Allows for individualized instruction through leveled reading
  • Allows instructors to follow student progress via detailed reporting options
  • Provides readings that are aligned with Common Core State Standards
  • Allows instructors to enroll students

What are the drawbacks?

  • There is no mobile application option. However, the website is functional on a mobile device.
  • Students must have an email address to be signed up for an account.

How can ReadTheory be used in education?

  • For instructors to create individualized student reading plans
  • For instructors to allow students extra reading practice at their appropriate level
  • For instructors to find supplemental texts for the classroom
  • For students and instructors to track reading progress


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