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LINCS: Embedding Questions in Videos using Edpuzzle


Edpuzzle is an online tool that allows teachers to insert questions in videos and track student responses. Guest expert Nell Eckersley will share the many ways Edpuzzle can be used for in-person, remote and hybrid classrooms -- you will walk away ready to bring this tool to your classroom.

LINCS: Celebrate Me Home – A Season of Learning Inside and Outside of Our Prisons and Jails


As this holiday season approaches let’s explore educational gifts we can share with our students, colleagues, administrators and others that have been touched by our justice systems. Join us to discuss ways we can all become better educators for students who often struggle with life behind the walls and upon their return to society. Resources […]

LINCS: Reading Behind the Walls


Jeremy Gregg, author and prison reform advocate, will be our guest expert for the Reading Behind the Walls LINCS event taking place on January 18th at 3 PM ET. During […]

LINCS: Math Language Routines


Join LINCS to learn about how supporting English learners with math language routines enhances their understanding of mathematics and simultaneously builds their English skills. Maribel Ojeda of the Pennsylvania Department of […]

LINCS: The Color of Education


The Color of Education will explore the issue of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the correctional and reentry classrooms across our country. This engaging and interactive event will bring the […]

LINCS: What is Dyscalculia?


Join LINCS to discuss dyscalculia, a math disability. In this session, participants will learn more about potential signs of dyscalculia and strategies for supporting identified learners. Bring your stories and resources for supporting these learners in your classroom! Register Here

LINCS: Digital Portfolios: Grow, Create, Reflect


Learn about the benefits of digital portfolios in the classroom, to showcase student growth, creativity, and reflection through 21st Century Learning Skills. In this hands-on session, participants will be walking […]

LINCS Digital Storytelling for Better Writers

From the LINCS Reading & Writing Community: How can we use multi-media storytelling to build better writers? What role does storytelling have in Adult Basic Education? In this live session on May 25 at 2 PM ET, Laura Porfirio will share an overview of the digital storytelling process and important elements to consider when writing […]