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LINCS: Digital Portfolios: Grow, Create, Reflect


Learn about the benefits of digital portfolios in the classroom, to showcase student growth, creativity, and reflection through 21st Century Learning Skills. In this hands-on session, participants will be walking […]

LINCS Digital Storytelling for Better Writers

From the LINCS Reading & Writing Community: How can we use multi-media storytelling to build better writers? What role does storytelling have in Adult Basic Education? In this live session on May 25 at 2 PM ET, Laura Porfirio will share an overview of the digital storytelling process and important elements to consider when writing […]

LINCS: Supporting Job-Embedded Professional Development for ELA Instructors


Join LINCS to learn how one  program teaching English learners is supporting high quality job-embedded professional development for instructors. Laura Smith-Hill will share practical strategies to nurture a team culture among instructors, involve them in collaborative curriculum development, and provide accountability to the most rigorous research available to the field. Register Here

LINCS Discussion: How Can Writing Improve Reading Comprehension?

LINCS hosts educator and researcher Charles MacArthur of the University of Delaware for an asynchronous discussion of how writing can improve the reading comprehension of adult education students! Ask your questions on this topic and comment on the recommended strategies for answering questions, taking notes, summarizing, and responding to texts. Join this special discussion and […]

LINCS: Culture in the Adult Education Mathematics Classroom


Join Dr. Carmine Stewart to discuss the importance of acknowledging and valuing students' diverse cultures and experiences in the mathematics classroom. We’ll explore ways to incorporate culturally responsive teaching practices by using examples and problems that are relevant to students' cultural backgrounds and experiences, and how to create safe and inclusive learning environments where students […]

LINCS: Developing Curriculum Using an Equity Lens (Asynchronous Discussions)


Discover strategies to develop Adult Education curricula through a robust dialogue with guest experts in the Teaching and Learning, Reading and Writing, Math and Numeracy, Program Management, and Diversity Equity and Inclusion Communities of Practice. This round robin discussion will involve multiple groups with a specific focus each day to aid you in developing a […]

LINCS: COABE Follow-Up for Digital Lit & Tech Strand


Join Rachel Riggs and Nell Eckersley for  the conversation  started a few months ago at COABE 2023! How have we navigated new technologies over the years? What lessons can we carry into the future? What's next for Digital Literacy and Technology in the coming year? Register Here

LINCS: ADVANCE IET Connecting Jail-Based IET Programs to Career Pathways Webinar


Representatives from the Integrated Education and Training (IET) in Corrections federal initiative, Michelle Tolbert and Jessie Stadd from RTI International, will share how to partner with jails to design and deliver Integrated Education and Training (IET) programs. They will present an overview of educational programs in jails and describe how jail-based IET programs can connect learners to […]