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November 2023 / Family, Interests and Hobbies, Nature, Overcoming Challenges, Personal Narrative, Philosopy, SPOTLIGHT 2023

The Sky Is The Limit

Anonymous Do you know how this continent was discovered? I’m proud to say that Amerigo Vespucci was a great sailor from whose name the term “America” derived. This is a… Read More

November 2023 / Family, Interests and Hobbies, Personal Narrative, Poem, SPOTLIGHT 2023

All About Me

by Azra Shahbaz Introduction My name is Azra Sultana. I have been married to a wonderful and lovely man. I am a housewife, who is a multi tasking… Read More

October 2023 / Arts, Informative Writing, Interests and Hobbies, Nonfiction, SPOTLIGHT 2022

How to Make Cartoons, Then and Now

by Halima Naser Many years ago, animators made cartoons by drawing a lot of pictures and by using paper. In the past, it was a lot of hard work to… Read More

October 2023 / Countries, Cultural Traditions, Family, Informative Writing, Interests and Hobbies, Nonfiction, Personal Narrative, Peru, SPOTLIGHT 2022

Dancing the Marinera

by Inocencia Toribio Garcia The Marinera is a wonderful dance, and it is a symbol of being Peruvian. Don Abelardo Gamarra, known as “El Tunante,” named this famous dance. It… Read More

January 2022 / Haiku, Interests and Hobbies, Poem, Sports, SPOTLIGHT 2022


by Mauricia Baskerville Basketball is fun One of the best sports ever I say ball is life… Read More