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All About Me

by Azra Shahbaz


My name is Azra Sultana.
I have been married to a wonderful and lovely man.
I am a housewife, who is a multi tasking woman.
I am a Mother of two beautiful children.
I am a daughter of my beloved parents.

My Family

I have the best family in the world.
I have two lovely children and my husband.
I enjoy spending quality time with my family as much as possible.
I have a beloved Mother and 3 siblings, who are married too.

My hobbies and activities

I do yoga everyday, which keeps me energetic whole day and also I feel fresh and good to
start the day with yoga.
I like to play badminton.
I watch tv everyday in my spare time, usually I like to watch movies and I prefer to watch it in
english language, in this way I can improve my english language more fluently.

My Interest

I like to cook. I cook variety of dishes. Before I didn’t know how to cook dishes properly, but
now I could say I am a good cook and I have learnt cooking by watching youtube videos. My
favourite dish is Biryani, which is a traditional dish also. It is a very delicious meal.
And I also like painting, I do painting whenever I feel like to do. I draw sceneries of nature and
calligraphy writing too.

Family and Friends

I believe that family and friends are
the true cause of happiness.
When you have family and
friends, you have those who
Care for you. when you have
a family and some really good
friends, you know that there will be always for you.