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How to Make Cartoons, Then and Now

by Halima Naser

Many years ago, animators made cartoons by drawing a lot of pictures and by using paper. In the past, it was a lot of hard work to make a cartoon, show, or movie. The cartoons they made back then were only made in black and white ink. Cartoonists had to draw animation sequences on separate sheets of paper.

First, each character’s action was drawn on a separate sheet. Next, each paper was placed in order for the cartoon. Then, a storyboard was created of the characters’ movements. A storyboard is a series of cartoon sheets. The drawings had to be changed often in order for them to be properly organized.

It took a lot of hand work to show a cartoon or movie. It was difficult for animators in the past because there was no technology. Animators flipped the cartoon pages by hand. Now animators can change colors or edit characters’ motions using software.

Because of technology, everything is more convenient for animators. Organizing and making colorful scenes has become so much easier without the use of papers or the need to redraw each scene. Using technology in cartoons or movies is more interesting for the audience. For example, cartoons and movies can be very educational.

Some parents use cartoon animation for their children. It can help a child learn their ABCs or numbers.