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Literacy Minnesota: Trauma-Informed Teaching Practices for Adult Learners


Learning new languages and skills as an adult is a challenge for most people, and that challenge grows when trauma and stress are present. Trauma and chronic stress can come in many forms, and impact people’s ability to learn new skills and process information in a variety of different ways. In this webinar, learn how […]

LINCS: Building a Comprehensive IELCE Program


Discover how to build an effective IELCE program with guest expert Amelia Boggess. Share your promising practices, discover strategies to enhance your program, and learn how to implement a portion […]

LINCS: Embedding Questions in Videos using Edpuzzle


Edpuzzle is an online tool that allows teachers to insert questions in videos and track student responses. Guest expert Nell Eckersley will share the many ways Edpuzzle can be used […]

VALRC: Data Office Hours


Data Office Hours is an hour long, ongoing monthly meeting for anyone involved in adult ed data collection and reporting. This session provides support for policy and practice related to […]

LINCS: Reading Behind the Walls


Jeremy Gregg, author and prison reform advocate, will be our guest expert for the Reading Behind the Walls LINCS event taking place on January 18th at 3 PM ET. During […]

NEDP: Assessing 21st Century Workplace


The 21st Century Workplace Competency Area can be particularly complex to assess and review. Join us to discuss best practices for helping clients make the most of this important content. The session includes tips and recommendations as well as practice assessing some of the most common ND responses.