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Canvas Countdown for Virtual Virginia

A lightly facilitated 4-week online course for adult education practitioners to learn the ins and outs of using and adapting the Virtual Virginia adult education courses in Canvas.

ESOL Basics: Instructional Strategies Online Course

This course is designed for adult educators who are new to teaching English to speakers of other languages (ESOL) either in the classroom or through one-to-one tutoring sessions. ESOL is a term often used synonymously with ESL, or ELA (English language acquisition). For consistency, we use the term ESOL in this course but recognize that […]

Foundations of Reading: Print Skills Online Course

Did you know many adult learners, even those who can read and comprehend at higher levels, struggle with alphabetic skills and fluency? No matter what level learner you work with, this course will provide you with information about and strategies to help you incorporate alphabetic skills and fluency into your lessons. Participants in this course […]

VALRC: Multilevel ESOL Classes Webinar Series, Session 1


Do you want to tackle the challenges of teaching multilevel ESOL classes? Are you looking to address the varied learning needs of individual students within one classroom and become an effective multi-level teacher? This 3 part webinar series will present strategies for effective multi-level instruction and planning for ESOL classes or multi-level classrooms. We will […]


Richmond Marriot 500 E Broad St, Richmond, VA, United States

The 2023 VATESOL Conference, Stronger Together: Building Partnerships for Language, Content, and Community, will be held in Richmond, Va on September 29 and 30.

Event Series Career Pathways Open Conversation

Career Pathways Open Conversation

Join us for important networking, updates, and sharing for career pathways planning and programming. This three-part open conversation series focuses on connecting career pathways practitioners with resources, colleagues, and policy updates to support the growth of their programming to connect learners to training, higher education, and careers. Come and learn what your colleagues are doing across the state and share your best and promising practices with us! Sessions are scheduled on Mondays from 12p to 1:30p on Oct 3, Oct 30, and Nov 27.

VALRC: Lessons from the Field with Steven Reid: ESOL Basics with Preliterate Adult Learners

English language learners who come to the U.S. with no literacy in their first language have unique struggles in learning English. This webinar helps educators understand what these learners are going through and provides tips and ideas for creating lessons for students who speak no English and are not literate in any other language.  Facilitator […]

LINCS: Celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month with the Job Accommodations Network (JAN)

Join the LINCS Learners with Disabilities community to celebrate National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). This event will include an overview of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and workplace accommodations. You will learn about the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) service, and practical tips for supporting learners to use JAN resources to request and negotiate […]

Literacy Minnesota: Tips and Strategies for Adult Education Math Tutors

Join Literacy Minnesota for this interactive session and pick up some ideas that will maximize your impact as a math tutor. This webinar will be appropriate for volunteers assisting a teacher in a math classroom as well as those leading their own classes, small groups or one-to-one sessions. Topics covered will include: Levels of Math […]

VALRC: Disabilities and the Adult Learner Webinar Series, Session 2: Instructional strategies for working with adults with disabilities

Disabilities can occur across the lifespan, affecting academic performance, work, and daily living. Individuals with disabilities can have challenges with learning but can exhibit strengths in some areas. This session will provide instructional strategies for working with adults with disabilities, with a focus on incorporating evidence-based strategies into reading instruction. Register

LINCS Coffee Talk: EL/Civics Resources about Indigenous Peoples


Join us the LINCS Civics Education and Citizenship Group to share promising practices to foster cultural awareness through student discussions about the indigenous people in their country of origin and local Native American communities. Register here.