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Perusall logoPerusall® is a free social learning platform for reading and annotating that helps motivate learners through active and collaborative methods.

What are the benefits?

  • Perusall® allows instructors to upload their teaching materials to one place for students to make annotations or ask questions.
  • Perusall® turns reading into an engaging and collective peer-to-peer learning experience.
  • Perusall® is committed to accessibility and has detailed information about accessibility and accessibility support.
  • Perusall® can be integrated into learning management systems.
  • The Perusall® website contains a blog and webinars so that users can acquire knowledge and share ideas.

What are the drawbacks?

  • The platform collects user data, but only to improve user experience. A detailed privacy policy is provided for users.
  • Instructors can only use materials that they have the rights to use.
  • The paid version is required to purchase a text book from Perusall® or to enter a code for a textbook purchased elsewhere.

How can it be used in education?

  • Instructors can assign reading before the class meets and make annotations for items that are noteworthy.
  • Students can use the annotations to ask a question. Other students may answer the questions to clarify.
  • Instructors can track student engagement through questions and annotations.

Perrusal dashboard with comment added

Perusall® dashboard (teacher version)


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