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General Achievement Adult High School Diploma (GAAHSD)

The General Achievement Adult High School Diploma (GAAHSD) Program is intended to provide a diploma option for individuals who are at least 18 years of age, not enrolled in public education, and not subject to the compulsory attendance requirements of §22.1-254 of the Code of Virginia.

Requirements for earning the GAAHSD include prescribed standard units of credit; a passing score on a high school equivalency examination approved by the Virginia Board of Education; and the attainment of a Board-approved career and technical

education credential, such as the successful completion of an industry certification, a state licensure examination, a national occupational competency assessment, or the Virginia Workplace Readiness Skills Assessment. Standard credits required for the GAAHSD may be earned in a variety of educational settings, including public school; community college or other postsecondary institution; adult high school program; or approved correspondence, distance education, or online courses.

See Specific Requirements for the Completion of the GAAHSD (PDF) for more information on the requirements for earning the GAAHSD. See Virgina’s Department of Education website for more information.

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