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Facilitated Online Courses

“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” ― John DeweyThis page contains a list of VALRC’s current online courses. Each term (Fall, Winter, Spring), we offer different multiweek courses. These online courses provide in-depth explorations of evidence-based practices in a variety of adult education areas such as working with adults with disabilities; teaching English to speakers of other languages; and teaching reading, writing, and numeracy skills.

Online courses have closed enrollment and are facilitated by qualified leaders in the field. Participants who complete and submit all required coursework receive a certification of completion that may be used as evidence of professional learning.

Click on each course link for more information, including the course’s estimated weekly time commitment and target audience. Please note that VALRC uses the Canvas management system and all participants will require a Canvas login in order to take these courses. If you need a Canvas account, please submit a request using this Canvas Account Request form.

For help with Canvas, including account set-up, contact VALRC at vdesk@vcu.edu or 1-800-237-0178.


Note: Courses and schedules are subject to change.

Beyond Basics: ESOL Beginning Literacy


Course runs: (6 weeks)


ESOL Basics: Instructional Strategies

Course runs: (4 weeks)


Foundations of Reading: Meaning Skills

English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) for Adult Educators

Foundations of Reading: Print Skills

Beyond Basics: Multilevel ESOL Classes

Disabilities and the Adult Learner

Numeracy Practices for Adult Instruction

Developing Writing Skills in Adults