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Foundations of Reading: Meaning Skills

6 weeks | 24 hours

How can you help your learners build vocabulary, without rote memorization, and improve reading comprehension through contextualized lessons? No matter what level learner you work with, this course will help you learn how to weave vocabulary and comprehension skills into any lesson. Participants in this course will leave with useful resources, a deeper understanding of vocabulary and comprehension skills, and experience contextualizing these skills into lessons. This course complements Foundations of Reading: Print Skills; however, the Print Skills online course is not a prerequisite for this course.

In this course, we will be using Google Docs which is now part of the cloud-based file storage system Google Drive. There are several reasons to use Google Docs in our online courses:

  • The ability to collaborate on documents.
  • The ability to access these documents readily once the course is complete and Blackboard is closed.
  • The opportunity to become familiar with and practice using Google tools that can be used with learners in your classroom.


Opening a Google Account

In order to participate, you need a Google account. It will be helpful to set up your Google account before the Foundations of Reading: Meaning Skills course begins.

GCFLearnFree provides excellent instructions on opening a free Google account. (Note: if you use Gmail, you already have a Google account.) Whether your account is new or old, be sure to check that you remember your username and password!

Course Expectations:
Taking an online course requires a time commitment, internet access, and weekly participation. Please refer to the course syllabus before signing up for an online course. The syllabus covers the course schedule, outline, and requirements. In order to receive a certificate of completion, learners must submit all assignments on time. Learners that do not post for more than one week at any time during the course or who fall more than one week behind in their assignments, may be removed from the course and will be placed on “waiting list only” status for future online courses.

Preview the course syllabus.