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April 2024


The 2024 VAACE annual conference is in person this year in Charlottesville October 21 - 23. Read More

January 2024

VALRC: Lessons from the Field with Xavier Muñoz: Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Reduce Lesson Planning Time

In this interactive webinar, explore free AI tools (ChatGPT, Bing Chat, Bard, Claude) that can help you spend less time on lesson planning and more time on learner engagement. Whether… Read More

November 2023

Literacy Minnesota: Reading Activities for Beginning Literacy and Beginning English Language Learners

Teaching and tutoring very beginning level ESL readers can be intimidating for volunteers and professional teachers alike. Attend this webinar to get practical activities and ideas for one-on-one, remote and… Read More

November 2023

ATLAS: Cultivating Mathematical Literacy for English Language Learners

Wait, I’m not a math teacher! I want to incorporate numeracy into my ESL classroom, but where do I even start?! How do I effectively address literacy and numeracy at… Read More

November 2023

VALRC: Lessons from the Field with Ed Sadler: Teaching Digital Literacy to Immigrants

The Blue Ridge Literacy organization provides many services to its learners. One among them is delivering comprehensive digital literacy instruction, which encompasses basic computer operation, internet basics, using email, and… Read More

October 2023

Lessons from the Field with Stan Citron: Strategies to Help Students Become More Fluent English Speakers

This webinar will examine how to teach students to speak more fluently (“Fluent English”). Stan will explain the “Fluent English” principles and provide tools to put these principles… Read More

September 2023

ProLiteracy: Starting to Read: Building Phonemic Awareness and Foundation Literacy Skills with Preliterate ELL Students

Adult students who are just beginning their literacy journey while also still learning to speak English face a unique challenge. Preliterate students have no connection to the… Read More