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Courtney Green

This story comes from Region 3.

“I have more drive inside myself than I thought.”

Courtney was Mt. Rogers Regional Adult Education Program’s first distance education enrollment at the beginning of the pandemic shutdown. She completed all of her coursework virtually, including the pre- and post-test!

Courtney left high school at the beginning of her senior year for personal reasons. It was only after working several jobs that were not right for her that led to the realization that what she really needed was more education. She knew that if she wanted more out of life she would need to get her high school credentials first. After looking into her options, she found that the GED® program at Mount Rogers was the best choice. Courtney was so happy with her instructor, Wes Walker, and felt he was the perfect match for her GED® journey.

Courtney said that one of her challenges was remembering what she had learned in the past along with the new material she was learning in class. As a lot of students will say, math was her toughest subject, but she felt Wes made it interesting to learn and that helped her figure it out.

Through the experience of graduating with her GED®credential, Courtney saw just how committed she could be. She said that she has more drive inside her than she thought and we at Mount Rogers are so proud of this wonderful accomplishment! Courtney loves to learn and plans on pursuing further education.