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LINCS: Microcredentialing


Can micro-credentials inform employers about prospective and incumbent employees? Join a live Zoom discussion where LINCS moderators, Chrissie Klinger, and Jacki Korengel and guest presenter Sarah Goldammer, Director of the Southern Illinois Professional Development Center, answer your questions about micro-credentialing, such as:  (1) How can employers use micro-credentialing to grow their workforce and include it […]

LINCS: Understanding Assistive Technology for Adult Learners: A Conversation with the Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs


Join this conversation with the National Assistive Technology Act Technical Assistance and Training (AT3) Center to learn what “assistive technology” means and the devices it includes. Our guest presenters are Kellie Blackwel, Marty Exline, Linda Jaco and Lyssa Prince will discuss the types of services offered by Assistive Technology Act Programs and how to access […]

Literacy Minnesota: Comprehension Strategies for Intermediate-Level Readers


Research shows that explicitly teaching a set of comprehension strategies is a great way to help intermediate-level readers maximize their understanding of texts. Come learn a handful of great comprehension tools that will help students develop critical thinking skills and comprehension skills. Register Here

Literacy Minnesota: Teaching and Tutoring with Northstar Digital Literacy


You don’t need to be a computer expert in order to teach computer skills! Come learn how help students build their digital literacy skills using Northstar Digital Literacy. In the webinar, participants will learn: The features of Northstar Digital Literacy. How to help learners navigate Northstar digital literacy assessments. How to use the Northstar instructor-led […]

COABE: Sparking Conversations about Race and Equity with Adult English Learners


English learners with basic conversational skills are often eager to discuss and learn about racism, equity, and justice. However, few opportunities exist to explore these topics in safe, structured settings, and language teachers are sometimes unprepared to effectively facilitate these conversations. This webinar will provide teachers with tools and ideas to encourage critical conversations about […]