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ZeeMaps logoZeeMaps is a free tool that allows users to create, publish, and store interactive maps.

What are the benefits?

  • The tool can be used on all smart phones and tablets.
  • Maps can be created in the program or by using spreadsheets.
  • Users can use an unlimited number of markers on their map.
  • Users do not need to sign up, but it is recommended in order to save a map and have access to it later.
  • Multiple users can collaborate on the same map.
  • Maps can be shared.

What are the drawbacks?

  • Only 100 lifetime views are allowed without a paid plan.
  • There is a small cost for creating a PDF of the map.

How can it be used in education?

  • ZeeMaps allows students to collaborate on projects.
  • Students are able to visualize geographic data in order to make meaning of learning content.
  • Teachers can add images, video, and text information so that students can interact with the material.
  • Teachers can highlight where a story, news item, or historical event takes place.



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