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Flexible Language Acquisition (FLAX): Learning Collocations

FLAX (Flexible Language Acquisition) aims to automate the production and delivery of interactive digital language collections. Simple interfaces, designed for learners and teachers, are combined with powerful language analysis tools. Exercise material comes from digital libraries for a virtually endless supply of authentic language learning in context.

This collocations collection lets users search for the company words keep. Simply enter a word and click “go” to reveal its collocations, family words, and synonyms. The site provides a “Cherry Basket” which allows users to save and store collocations for re-use or to print/export as needed. In the “Activities” section, learners can practice matching collocations through various interactive exercises and teachers or learners can create their own collocation exercises by following prompts.

FLAX also provides a Learning Academic Words and Collocations collection.

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