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edpuzzle logoEdpuzzle provides a way for teachers to assign and edit videos all on one platform. Teachers can add a video to the queue, change the length of the video to suit their needs, add a voiceover, or add a quiz, making the experience of watching a video a more active one. Teachers can track student progress through the gradebook feature of Edpuzzle.

What are the benefits?

  • Edpuzzle is fully accessible
  • Edpuzzle was awarded multiple certifications for security and privacy protection
  • Edpuzzle integrates well with Learning Management Systems such as Google Classroom, Schoology, and Canvas

What are the drawbacks?

  • Users need to register with an email address

How can it be used in education?

  • Teachers can assign videos to the class for a grade
  • Teachers can create their own video and add a quiz
  • Teachers can use the gradebook to check for understanding


What is Edpuzzle?



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