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NEDP for Non-NEDP Staff

The most successful National External Diploma Program (NEDP) providers take a whole-agency approach to NEDP. Learners benefit when instructors, administrators, and support staff who have NOT been trained in NEDP understand the fundamentals of the program.
Join us for a one-hour crash course in NEDP for non-NEDP staff. Impress your coworkers with your fluency in NEDP terminology! Demolish your agency’s NEDP silo!

VALRC-TSTM: Civics Education PLC


Do you want to learn more about the classroom-ready lessons and other resources in the Teaching the Skills that Matter (TSTM) Toolkit? Do you want to gain ideas for incorporating […]

Boot Camp 2.0 – Building on Success

Boot Camps have proven a worthwhile strategy in providing instruction for students who are one test away from a high school credential. For many of these students, the focus has been on math. However, we know that this strategy can and will work for other areas as well.

Literacy Minnesota: Teaching Intermediate Alphabetics


Teaching intermediate alphabetics (syllables, prefixes, suffixes, root words) is a great way to help students build their decoding and comprehension skills. Come learn a variety of fun and easy-to-use routines […]