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Canvas Countdown for Virtual Virginia

A lightly facilitated 4-week online course for adult education practitioners to learn the ins and outs of using and adapting the Virtual Virginia adult education courses in Canvas.

Event Series ProLiteracy Teacher Training Plus

ProLiteracy: Where Do I Start? Planning the First Month of Lessons with a Low-level ELL Student


For a new tutor or teacher, getting started with a low-level English language learners can seem overwhelming. They may worry about the first few weeks of lessons when the students speak almost no English. In this webinar, learn what your very first lesson should look like and how to build from there to make your […]

VALRC: Reading, Writing, and Relevance: Teaching with Adult Learners’ Published Writing

In this webinar, find out how to access SPOTLIGHT, Virginia’s annual publication for writing by adult learners, and The Change Agent adult education magazine for social justice. Gain ideas for using writing by adult learners to teach reading and language skills at multiple levels, as models to guide learners through the writing process, to combat learners’ writing anxieties, […]