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by Waleska Ortega

At first everything was so alien to me.
I looked at the street signs and thought… WHAT?
I listened to the people in the supermarket and thought… WHAT?
Everything around me had changed its name and I needed a translation. I love talking with the people and now I couldn’t express myself.
I had to do something, that is why I decided to take English classes.
I have been in class for a few weeks, but now I feel like building the world again, but I am no longer alone. Now I am accompanied by a new community that shares my interests and my questions, especially the… WHAT?
I still walk in the street and sometimes I don’t understand some things and I wonder… WHAT?
But now I have answers and I feel more comfortable with this world in English.

Contributing writer, Waleska Ortega, faces the camera with a frank smile on her face, wearing a colorful scarf