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by Soma Rastgar

My name is Soma Rastgar. I am from Kapisa, Afghanistan. I came here in 2021 by airplane. We started our trip from Kabul to Qatar. We left Qatar for Washington D C and we spent one week at Fort Lee camp. After one week we came by car to Virginia. The people who helped me were my cousins and the CCC* Office. We were at my cousin’s house for two weeks. Then CCC found a house for us and also some household items and we were very happy that finally a shelter was found for us. I come here because of a war, for a better life, freedom and famine. I feel happy right now.

Before I came to America, I thought that life would be very difficult. My biggest surprise is that you have to inform the government about your every duty. What I really liked is that men and women are equal and both are independent.

* Commonwealth Catholic Charities