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by Jasmine Herrera

She spent year after year building up her internal castle.
Layer by layer, brick by boring brick.
Anyone who tried to enter knew it was just a hassle,
To try and save the fair maiden was time wasted after. Tick-tick.
Each room was designed so divine, so precise,
You knew which room held passion, love and her sad cries.
It was quite a sight, how very large the walls were built
Upon which rejection, resentment, and obviously guilt.
The sunrise bloomed and sunset glowed.
But it made no difference for she was alone.
So alone her thoughts echoed into each echo,
And this was not how she pictured to grow.
So without a care, she bulldozed that colossal castle.
She triumphed at the fact she had won this battle.
Every square inch, and everything she had known.
She started from scratch, and built her house on her own.
She threw in some white picket fence, love and finished with a bow.
She rested at the thought her thoughts didn’t echo anymore.
Because she was finally home.