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by Asma Habibi

I am studying to learn English and to use the computer better. I have a lot to do to improve in both of those. I also have a job, go to the gym, and do shopping, cooking and cleaning for my family. I go to the library on the weekend and study my English book for two hours. Sometimes I am so tired that all I can do is sleep. Sometimes I feel like problems are so difficult, but I keep going!

I am most happy when I am with my family and doing my favorite activities.

I love that my birthday is May fifth. My family gives me figs and my mother bakes a strawberry cake for me and decorates it with my favorite colors, blue, black and red.

Sometimes my brother and I take his five children to Pen Park. We get out of the car at the park and walk around. We play football, volleyball, and visit fitness stations. We are all running around laughing, and having fun! Then we have a picnic that includes rice, chicken kabob, tea and coffee. My husband is the best and I love him so much and I love my daughter so so much and I can’t wait to see her. I will hug her tightly, I will buy a family car and a house for our big family. I will cook them the best food and I will open my restaurant and name it Asoo Cooking. and my dad, mom, and siblings will come to France and my brothers will be married and I will fly back to Virginia and I will attend their wedding and I will have a park named Abaseen Jan.