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The Influential Women In My Life

by Adebola Adelakun

Every piece of me has seemed to come from these inspirational women who have graced my life, whether in the past or present. They’ve made an imprint on my soul.

Coming from an extremely close family gave me a new meaning to the cliche, “it takes a village.” We have CEOs in the family! My strongest qualities came from these people: faith in God, determination, independence, resilience, perseverance and hope in God.

Let me introduce you to my grandma’s linenage. They were four sisters: Ola, Oni, Otunla and Olaoniye. These women were very successful in their chosen careers. Ola, my grandma, has always encouraged me to break the conventional modes of femininity and go after what i desire. she didn’t just tell me; she showed me how and trained me. Oni was into the clothing merchant business. Otunla was a trader—she did well too. Olaoniye was an oil tycoon who wasn’t intimidated by anyone. Their era was when women were meant to just be under their men.

My strength comes from my mother. Having overcome obstacles and making immeasurable sacrifices, she lives her dreams through her six daughters. She never accepts anything but the best from me and to do my best—not to disappoint her. She instills in me the strength to have my own dreams and to never be afraid of them. despite the challenges of life, she remains unshakeable.

My siblings and cousins are my inspiration in the present, because with great education, they inspire me in so many ways. we have doctors, lawyers, a nurse practitioner, a scientist, and business owners. I am well aware of all their attributes, knowing that what they did and their genes give me hope that I will emerge, always knowing that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13).