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The Amazing Animal Time: Moffee Moth

by Stephen Solomon

This is a story called “Moffee Moth.” Moffee was born in China on a mulberry tree and he was a silkworm. But one day the wind started to blow. Moffee was tumbling on the branch. “Oww! What the heck?” cried Moffee. He’s safe. And Moffee just found a pile of leaves and it’s good enough to eat a lot.

Moffee lived in the new tree. Then he was full and ready to make a cocoon. But Moffee saw an old nest and it was empty. “This is a good place to sleep,” said Moffee. Then he yawned and he took a nap. He started to wrap up, and there you have it. But suddenly two birds got married. They came home but the birds thought Moffee’s cocoon was an egg. “Somebody kept that egg in our nest,” said the blue bird. “Whose egg is that?” said the pink bird. Nobody came so they kept the egg warm. One day, the cocoon came out and the bird saw Moffee Moth. The bird gasped and flew around the circle. Moffee said, “Why am I taking a nap so long?” The bird said, “This is the tree called, Home of the Birds, where all birds live.” So the birds may keep him for their family.

three hand-drawn and colored cartoon panels; the first shows Moffee floating on a leaf through the air; the second shows Moffee sleeping in a nest; the third shows Moffee sitting in a nest in the center of the panel, with a surprised bird face looking on from each side