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Symphony in the Corridor

by Ya Li Fan

The Fairfield Hotel where I work is a warm family. Every morning we workers from different countries gather here to greet each other in English, Spanish and Chinese.

The two young, beautiful and energetic female bosses also greet us “Good morning” every day. When we are very busy at work, the two female bosses join us in cleaning the rooms, which makes us employees feel very warm.

The workers also bring their own country’s food and prepare to enjoy the happiness of lunch.

When the guests check out, we begin to clean the rooms, but we don’t forget to enjoy the music. Some workers wear headphones to listen to their favorite music, and some put their mobile phones on the work cart to listen.

I also like listening to music, and more I like singing. Sometimes I just let go of my voice and sing when I’m cleaning the hallway by myself, but my voice must not exceed the sound of the vacuum cleaner.

From time to time, Spanish, English and Chinese songs are played in the corridor. There is also the sound of various disinfectants and detergents used to clean the room spraying the stone floor and mirrors.

These sounds are intertwined. Accompanied by the sounds of the vacuum cleaner it is like a “Symphony”, which makes us forget our fatigue and enjoy the happiness brought by our work.