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Eid al-Adha: The Feast of Sacrifice

by Mursal Hewadmal

Afghanistan has two major festivals or “Eids”—a big Eid and a small Eid. I want to tell you about the big Eid. It is called “Eid al-Adha” or the “Feast of Sacrifice.” I am always happy during this Eid because it gives us a good feeling. Those who are angry with each other will be reconciled.

On this Eid all people buy new clothes, dried fruit, fresh fruit, and, those who have money on this day, buy a sheep or a cow to slaughter. Then, they distribute the meat to their family, friends and to the poor.

The big Eid is three days long. On the first day the sheep or cow is slaughtered. On the next two days, people wear new clothes and go to the homes of their relatives and friends. The homeowner serves tea, dried fruit, fresh fruit and cake. And adults give money to children. On this day, children and adults are all happy.