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by Anitra Winn

When you have siblings you’ll share your deepest secrets, Having siblings should make you feel like you will never have to worry about anything, Well, Not in this case. Being the youngest of your siblings should be a great thing but it didn’t turn out the way. Once my mother passed away that’s when the time come when my siblings asked me to leave. I didn’t have
anywhere to live, Now I am asking myself, “What should I do? HELP ME!”. Then the woman asked me my name. “Bonnie.” She asked, “How old are you?.” I told her, seventeen. “It’s too late for you to be outside”, she said. “Well, I don’t have anywhere to live. “You don’t have any family?” she asked. I told her I do, but they put me out. “I have a spare bedroom there are a few rules you will need to follow” “no problem” Bonnie said. The lady name Gladys comes in here and fixes you something to eat. The next day Gladys woke Bonnie up to take her to school, Bonnie said” Ms. Gladys I don’t have any clothes. Ms.Gladys replies, ”Let’s make a day out of shopping so you get some clothes for school.” Ten years later Ms.Gladys was about to lose her home, and then Bonnie paid it off. Bonnie said to Ms. Gladys, “IF it wasn’t for you blessing me. I wouldn’t be where I’m today to be able to bless you so I want to thank you.”