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Unsung Hero: Jason Bruffey

Jason Bruffey

IT Support

Middle Peninsula Regional Adult Career Education (R.A.C.E.)

Region 18

Thanks to Jason Bruffey, King William County Public Schools Director of Technology, the Middle Peninsula R.A.C.E. program has been well served in the areas of technology and IT support. “We often hear of the challenges other programs have accessing technology through various fiscal agents,” says retired regional manager Danielle Robinson (also pictured), but Jason Bruffey and his team have always been available to help the adult education program. “The needs of the adult education program have never been treated as less than equal on their priority list. In addition, Jason reviews our need for technology, gets quotes, and makes purchases within our budget to meet both program and student needs.”

Jason began his career as an elementary school teacher, teaching kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. After finishing his associate’s degree in Internet applications in 2013, he switched career paths to best utilize both his education skills and experience in addition to his true love and passion for education and operational technology. Jason worked as a Technology Support Technician and Data Integration Specialist for Henrico County Public Schools from 2013 until November 2019, when he became the Director of Technology for King William County Public Schools. “I love what I do!” says Jason. “In this role, we are here to support our customers, which is our students, staff, and the community. Customer Service and teamwork is key to our success and something I keep in high regard with my role as director. Working in a smaller division truly gives me the ability to be hands-on in the work being done, but, more importantly, I get to meet with so many people and assist with filling the instructional technology needs that can lead to success in and out of the classroom.”

Kind, soft-spoken, and attentive to all, Jason Bruffey is aware of the differences between K-12 and adult learners and accommodates adult education as much as possible. He is readily available to troubleshoot problems outside of K-12 hours and has even travelled to instruction sites outside of King William County to help update computers, download software, and negotiate access through firewalls and other challenges with collaborating partners. Jason and his team are very patient and understand the challenges of the Middle Peninsula R.A.C.E.’s complete dependence on a part-time instruction team. Jason is committed to equity of access, which he regularly demonstrates in his response to the needs of adult students. His responsiveness, professionalism, knowledge, and willingness to learn have made Jason Bruffey very effective in the role of IT program support.

Jason holds a B.S. in sociology; an M.Ed. with a focus primary education from pre-kindergarten through sixth grade, and a business associate’s degree with a concentration on Internet applications (web design).