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Unsung Hero: Eyglo Jones

Eyglo Jones

Department Bookkeeper

Chesapeake Public Schools, Department of Adult and Continuing Education

Region 20

At Chesapeake Public Schools (CPS) Department of Adult and Continuing Education, Eyglo Jones consistently offers knowledge, organization, student support, and community outreach—constantly going above and beyond her assigned duties to assure that students and staff alike meet with success. She is the senior staff member who provides support to all those who serve adult students.

“Eyglo is the core of our department,” says local manager Fontaine Ferebee-Johns . “Eyglo is the staff member that has an eye for recognizing when things need improvement, and she moves forward with initiating what needs to be done.” She is dependable, consistent, kind, knowledgeable, passionate, and compassionate.

Eyglo Jones, an Icelandic native, hails from a very large family. She arrived in Hampton Roads in 1989 as a military wife and was able to secure employment immediately with a local insurance office. Realizing that her passion centered around helping those in need, Eyglo transferred her office skills to the Chesapeake Health Department, working for an outreach program where she had the opportunity to assist and get to know people from diverse backgrounds and in various circumstances.

Eyglo always had Chesapeake Public Schools on her bucket list of places she wanted to work, and her wish was fulfilled in 2000. Her first assignment with Chesapeake Public Schools was working as a secretary through the Career and Technical Education Department for a grant program called Career Assessments. Eyglo worked with Career Assessments for approximately three years before becoming an account clerk with the Adult and Continuing Education Department. In her own words, she describes working with adult education as “a wealth of experiences, where I have gained so much knowledge while interacting with the student/staff population. Twenty-three years beyond having my bucket list item checked, I still enjoy my job at adult education where there is never a dull moment.”

Eyglo is the mother of three adult children and the grandmother of two. She resides in Suffolk, Virginia, and she continues to bring a wealth of knowledge to Chesapeake Adult Education.