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Message from the VDOE: The Importance of Staying in Touch

The Importance of Staying in Touch

Thank you to everyone who has risen to the challenges that the COVID-19 outbreak has presented. We are so impressed with how adult education programs and instructors are working to provide continuity of learning for students. Your efforts support students and families in Virginia who are also grappling with new and often frightening realities. We are so grateful for all the outreach and support you have provided and the creativity and energy that you have demonstrated to find new ways to reach and teach your students. And even though the “new normal” arrived suddenly, the adult education community responded quickly and is offering a lifeline for students to prepare for what’s next in their careers.

Take care of yourselves and your families, and stay in touch with your colleagues!

Stay in touch with the Virginia Department of Learning:

Stay in touch with the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center:

This online forum is a space for sharing resources, asking questions, and discussing how we work with adult learners at a distance. VALRC invites all instructors and adult education practitioners to share their experiences and strategies for working with their learners on the forum. Visit often and join in on the discussion! (You may need to sign up for a free account to post.)

Led by Kate Daly Rolander & Hillary Major using Padlet.

A platform for CBLOs in VA and neighboring areas to share information about available resources and ongoing activities. Led by Elizabeth Severson-Irby using Schoology.

This professional learning community (PLC) has the same information as Foundations of Reading: Print Skills course; it is just presented in a slightly different manner. It is also a companion to the Foundations of Reading: Meaning Skills online course. Participants will attend a virtual meeting each week where the group will discuss the weekly content and assignments.

Led by Elizabeth Severson-Irby & Nancy Coggeshall.