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Unsung Hero: Jonelle Howard

Jonelle Howard

Instructional Aide

Shenandoah Initiative for Adult Education (SHINE), Building Blocks

Region 6

Caring and dependable, instructional aide Jonelle Howard brings enthusiasm to her work at Waynesboro’s Building Blocks Adult Education Program, helping HSE, NEDP, and English language learners. “Jonelle often knows what you need before you do,” says regional manager Katy Parrish. “As a result, things are completed before you need to ask. She replies to all crazy text questions regardless of the time and is always available at a moment’s notice to help out.”

Jonelle is a hard worker even as she lives with a serious health disability. She is a great role model of strength and resilience. Jonelle is a proud mother of 3 daughters and is content with how she has helped guide them through their education. Jonelle enjoys cooking, dancing, and reading when she gets the chance.

Jonelle began working for Waynesboro Public Schools, Adult Education in 2008. She is pleased to know that she is the first person students see as they walk in, as well as the first person they speak with over the phone. Jonelle goes out of her way to help students with anything and will often meet students to pre- and post-test when it is convenient for them. Jonelle is concerned about everyone personally, not just professionally. She is a good listener and friend. Jonelle works to make herself accessible to all the teachers and students in the programs so they know she can be depended upon no matter the situation.

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