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October 2023

Teaching Writing: Giving Feedback

How can instructors build learners’ confidence as writers while still providing constructive feedback? This webinar discusses when and how to provide feedback on learner writing. Register here. Read More

August 2023

VAACE Conference

Register for the 2023 VAACE Conference: Pathways Forward! Read More

September 2022

ILA: Using Dungeons & Dragons to Scaffold Writing Instruction

Third in a series sponsored by the International Literacy Association and Wizards of the West Coast, this webinar explores how role-playing gaming can build students’ writing and language skills. Teachers… Read More

August 2022

VALRC: Teaching Writing: Beyond the Blank Page or Screen

This webinar reviews foundational, evidence-based practices for writing instruction and focuses on practical strategies that encourage learners to produce more writing.  Register here or using the link… Read More