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November 2023 / Arts, Community, Education and Learning, Nature, Personal Narrative, Philosopy, SPOTLIGHT 2023

Thank You, Whatever Comes

by Conrado Tostado When I was sixteen and I started meeting my poet friends every Friday afternoon at the newly opened Gandhi bookshop’s café, in south Mexico City, I read… Read More

November 2023 / "I am thankful for ...", Community, Education and Learning, Family, Food, Immigration Stories, Philosopy, Poem, SPOTLIGHT 2023


by Bagher Alizadeh I am thankful for my teacher She helps me learn I am thankful for work We all need to buy things I am thankful for family I… Read More

November 2023 / Countries, Education and Learning, Fiji, Overcoming Challenges, Personal Narrative, Philosopy, SPOTLIGHT 2023

Teenagers in a Foreign Country

by Mizuki Yokoi One day, my mother said to me, “Are you interested in studying abroad?” At the time, my best friend had moved far away, my grades were poor,… Read More

November 2023 / Arts, Community, Nature, Philosopy, Poem, SPOTLIGHT 2023


by Kayn Quincho The dancing leaves in the air are familiar to the travelers The travelers are familiar to the soil on the earth Being aware of each… Read More

November 2023 / Family, Interests and Hobbies, Nature, Overcoming Challenges, Personal Narrative, Philosopy, SPOTLIGHT 2023

The Sky Is The Limit

Anonymous Do you know how this continent was discovered? I’m proud to say that Amerigo Vespucci was a great sailor from whose name the term “America” derived. This is a… Read More

November 2023 / Acrostic, Philosopy, Poem, SPOTLIGHT 2023


by Maria Galan R – Remember it’s never too late to start. E – Enjoy the gifts of life. S – Say please and thank you. I… Read More

November 2023 / Art, Informative Writing, Nonfiction, Philosopy, SPOTLIGHT 2023

To Love Someone You Have To Love Yourself

by Natalia Tovar… Read More

October 2023 / Community, Countries, Immigration Stories, Korea, Personal Narrative, Philosopy, SPOTLIGHT 2023, Work

Enjoy the Slow Life in Charlottesville

by Janice Jung I’m from Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Seoul is the largest and busiest city in Korea with a population of 10 million. You can do everything… Read More

October 2023 / "I am ...", Philosopy, Poem, SPOTLIGHT 2023

I Am Poem

by Giedre Yesterday I was a diary. Tomorrow I will become a paper airplane. But today I carry around a pencil. I am impatient and persistent. I… Read More

October 2023 / Overcoming Challenges, Personal Narrative, Philosopy, SPOTLIGHT 2023

Stubborn Survivor

by Anitra Winn Anitra is beautiful from the inside out. with the heart of a dreamer and the determination of a warrior, Life hasn’t been easy for her, But she… Read More