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November 2023 / Arts, Community, Education and Learning, Nature, Personal Narrative, Philosopy, SPOTLIGHT 2023

Thank You, Whatever Comes

by Conrado Tostado When I was sixteen and I started meeting my poet friends every Friday afternoon at the newly opened Gandhi bookshop’s café, in south Mexico City, I read… Read More

November 2023 / Arts, Community, Nature, Philosopy, Poem, SPOTLIGHT 2023


by Kayn Quincho The dancing leaves in the air are familiar to the travelers The travelers are familiar to the soil on the earth Being aware of each… Read More

October 2023 / Arts, Education and Learning, Family, Personal Narrative, SPOTLIGHT 2023, U.S. History and Government

My English Teacher, Pocahontas

by Noriko Hattori When I was six years old, my family and I visited my cousin who lived in Seattle, Washington. At the time, the Disney movie Pocahontas, was all… Read More

October 2023 / Arts, Informative Writing, Interests and Hobbies, Nonfiction, SPOTLIGHT 2022

How to Make Cartoons, Then and Now

by Halima Naser Many years ago, animators made cartoons by drawing a lot of pictures and by using paper. In the past, it was a lot of hard work to… Read More

October 2023 / Arts, Colombia, Countries, Cultural Traditions, Informative Writing, Nonfiction, SPOTLIGHT 2022

The Story Behind the Magic of “Encanto”

by Karen Ramos A little piece of Colombia and its culture has reached movie theaters. Disney, the animation giant, has set its eyes on a Latin American country and gives… Read More