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April 2024 / Career Pathways, Equity-Minded Practice, High School Equivalency (HSE), Integrated Education and Training, Program Management

2024, Volume 34, No. 1, April Issue

Read this issue of PROGRESS.   Download the PROGRESS April 2024 Issue PDF. When it comes to adult learners who have a disability, we oftentimes don’t… Read More

December 2023 / Civics/Citizenship, ESL/ESOL

2023, Volume 33, No. 3, December Issue

  Download the PROGRESS December 2023 Issue PDF. * Please note: Access to “The Change Agent” changes with each calendar year (e.g., username: valrc, pw: VALRC2024)… Read More

June 2023 / Math/Numeracy

2023, Volume 33, No. 2, June Issue

  Download the PROGRESS June 2023 Issue PDF. In this issue of PROGRESS, we take a look at mathematics and numeracy from… Read More

February 2023 / Program Management

2023, Volume 33, No. 1, February Issue

Download the PROGRESS February 2023 Issue PDF. This issue of PROGRESS celebrates the individuals who hold us up and who make things happen,… Read More

March 2022 / ESL/ESOL, High School Equivalency (HSE)

2022, Volume 32, No. 2, March Issue

October 2021 / Literacy, Tutors

2021, Volume 32, No. 1, October Issue

June 2021 / Program Management

2021, Volume 31, No. 4, June Issue

December 2020 / Uncategorized

2020, Volume 31, No. 2, December Issue