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June 2023 / Math/Numeracy

2023, Volume 33, No. 2, June Issue

  Download the PROGRESS June 2023 Issue PDF. In this issue of PROGRESS, we take a look at mathematics and numeracy from… Read More

June 2023 / Math/Numeracy

CALM: The Way Math Should Be

by Heidi Schuler-Jones Adult education can be overwhelming for new teachers, especially math. Many adult education teachers learn quickly that we don’t choose our environment. We teach whatever is needed… Read More

June 2023 / Math/Numeracy

Math Phobia: You Don’t Have to Be an Expert

by Pamela Stolz Math, a simple four-letter word that can elicit a large range of emotions, from excitement to complete panic attacks, and everything in between. Often, professional development… Read More

June 2023 / Math/Numeracy

The Mysterious World of Math

by Kathaleen Shelor Mathematics, in a sense, is logic let loose in the field of the imagination. I’m Trying to Love Math, a picture book by… Read More

June 2023 / Math/Numeracy

Math Teachers vs. Teachers of Math

by Melissa D. Williams Being able to do math is very different from being able to teach math: to understand the concepts that one is teaching,… Read More

June 2023 / Math/Numeracy

Lessons Learned Teaching Math to Adults

by Dr. Krissy Anderson-Bassett This is my second year teaching math to adults. Education is one of my passions and I believe that no matter what age we are, we… Read More

June 2023 / Math/Numeracy

Teaching GED® Math

by Brandie Millar Teaching GED® math requires a comprehensive understanding of adult learners’ needs and effective instructional strategies. Teaching GED® Math can be a challenging task… Read More

June 2023 / Math/Numeracy

ChatGPT + GED®/Adult Ed: How Do They Work Together?

by Brandie Millar ChatGPT is one of several Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots that use a prompt given by a user to provide a detailed response. Microsoft and Google also have… Read More

June 2023 / Math/Numeracy

Teaching Adult Learners in Corrections with an Emphasis on Numeracy & Mathematical Operations

by Christopher P. Scott Teaching in mass corrections, I now have more freedom than in the past to meet my learners where THEY need to be and I am able… Read More

June 2023 / ESL/ESOL, Math/Numeracy

Integrating Numeracy into the Adult ESOL Classroom

by Hali Massey The definition of numeracy is “the ability to confidently interact with and engage in the mathematical demands of everyday life in the home, workplace, and community” (Ciancone,… Read More