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SPOTLIGHT is an exciting new annual online publication that seeks to shine a light on adult education learners, their experiences, and their learning through the creative process.

Submissions are now open for our second issue! Click here to complete our short submission form, or visit .

For more information about SPOTLIGHT, read our FAQs and Call for Submissions. To hear about some educators’ and learners’ experiences taking part in our first issue, listen to episodes 10 & 11 of our Voices from the Field podcast.

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November 2022 / ELA, ESOL, GED®, HSE, Instruction, Literacy, SPOTLIGHT, VALRC

SPOTLIGHT – Call for Submissions

Step Into the SPOTLIGHT!  What is SPOTLIGHT? SPOTLIGHT is an exciting, statewide annual online publication that seeks… Read More

May 2022 / ELA, ESOL, Instruction, Literacy, SPOTLIGHT, VALRC, Voices from the Field

Voices from the Field: Instructor & Program Reflections on Integrating SPOTLIGHT Publication & Writing into the Adult Education Classroom

VALRC is back with a new podcast, “Instructor and Program Reflections on Integrating SPOTLIGHT Publication and Writing into the Adult Education Classroom” which… Read More

April 2022 / Beginning Literacy, Literacy, SPOTLIGHT

Introducing The Voices of Virginia’s Adult Learners

The Inaugural Issue Hear the many voices of learners, both native-born and immigrant, putting their creative writing center stage. Read More

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