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Digital Literacy and Resilience Skills for Multilingual Learners

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This resource provides information, resources, and practices for integrating digital literacy and resilience skills into the adult English language learners. The content for this resource comes from the fall 2023 Digital Literacy for Multilingual Learners webinar series and was developed by Darlene Fahrenkrug (REEP).


Definition of Digital Literacy and Digital Resilience: This video helps to clarify what is meant by the term digital resilience and how it is different from and can also support digital literacy. It is helpful to have this foundational knowledge because accessing the other resources.

Digital Literacy for Multilingual Learners Videos and Resources

To access the specific sections of this resource, click on the titles of each webinar.

  • Introduction and Integration of the Digital Access and Resilience in Texas (DART) Curriculum: This resource is designed to demonstrate an overview, as well as tips and techniques for using the free and adaptable DART curriculum. Using the 5E Lesson Plan from the DART curriculum, instructors and staff will be guided through Engagement, Exploration, Explanation, Elaboration, and Evaluation of this resource. Participants will have the opportunity to explore and discuss in small groups as they consider how to integrate the curriculum into their own teaching contexts. This resource is meant for anyone teaching Digital Literacy skills at the same time as Beginning English skills.
  • Integrating Digital Resilience Skills Development Into Daily Lesson Plans: This resource is designed to provide a strategy for integrating standards-based activities, correlated to the Seattle Digital Equity Initiative Digital Skills Framework, into each part of a lesson plan. This resource is meant for anyone seeking to support learners in developing digital resilience as they develop their English skills. Participants will receive resources including links to the framework and glossary.
  • Virtual Instruction for Beginning Multilingual Learners: This resource is designed to provide effective and engaging strategies for English practice during online classes. Participants will learn about features of communications platforms, presentation software,  specific apps and websites that can support language learning opportunities in the online classroom. This resource is meant for online instructors of beginning level multilingual learners.