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by Masooma Jowhary

Before I started learning English, I had many problems in my language. I couldn’t communicate with people when I went outside, and I liked to talk with my neighbors and to go shopping to buy groceries. It was hard for me to understand and solve my problems without learning English. I didn’t have confidence, I felt shy to face someone because I couldn’t speak. For this reason I stayed far away from people and was sad.

One day I made a decision and told myself to get up right now and move, because there is no tomorrow. The decisions of today make my tomorrow and tomorrow will make my future. Don’t wait for another day, because life is too short and every second of time is worth more than a diamond. Finally I decided to search on Google. I found English language classes close to my house. I had a good feeling about that. I started in that direction and followed it. It took about 35 minutes to arrive at my destination. I went to the office and talked to the receptionist; she was very polite and kind. After that she gave me the information for the registration day and I came and registered myself.

Fortunately, I started classes, studied hard, did my homework, and tried to talk to my classmates. I had a good feeling, because my dream was coming true. I can communicate with people and I can solve my problems a little. My husband always supports me and gives me spirit to do my best in this way.

I am very grateful to God; He gives me the opportunity to live. I do struggle to improve myself, succeeding with education.

In addition I am thankful to all my excellent teachers; they patiently teach us, kindly listen to us and are very polite with us. I appreciate them and I pray they have a long life with their lovely families.

Because of our best teacher now I can write and speak English. Now I’m better than yesterday. Tomorrow I will be better than today, God willing.

English education gives me courage, confidence and the ability to speak better.

It’s the beginning of my education; I will continue and complete my education as soon as I can. I have a plan to graduate from college. I have many hopes and wishes in my life. The biggest is to increase my knowledge and in the future to be a successful lawyer and serve successfully in society. I’m sure English language will help me to reach the peaks of success and be an English speaker.

My future is bright like a light (God willing).

In the end, I want to say thank you so much to the professors of the LCNV (Literacy Council of Northern Virginia*) community, who have made this golden education center of teaching English for us.

Contributing writer by Masooma Jowhary, wearing hijab, calmly faces the camera

* The Literacy Council of Northern Virginia is now the English Empowerment Center.