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by Zarghuna Hamidi

My name is Zarghuna Hamidi, I am from Afghanistan. I came here in 2021. I came here by airplane.

The trip took 7 days. We started our trip from Kabul to Qatar. Then we flew to Washington. After that, we stayed in Wisconsin for 3 months. The CCC* helped me when I got to Roanoke. They helped with an apartment and with rent. We were able to buy beds and dishes and they helped get me into English class.

My family left Afghanistan because the Taliban came and the embassy where my husband worked closed. We had to leave for our safety. My son was only 10. Now he is 11 and in the 5th grade. He speaks excellent English.

Before I came to America I thought life would be different. I like that everyone in America can get a job, even women. Someday, I will be able to work and help my family. Life in America is better for my family than life in Afghanistan.

* Commonwealth Catholic Charities