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by Milton Antonio Torres

When I came to the USA in 2002, I came with the intention of being able to help my parents. I am from a very poor place in El Salvador. Years later I finally built a house for my parents and was very happy with the achievement. I worked very hard to be able to help my family so I did not have time to focus on learning English. I knew that learning English would open better doors in life so I decided to learn English at LCNV (Literacy Council of Northern Virginia)*.

English Education Empowers. I worked as a roof installer (Roofer) for 19 years. With the English classes I have taken, I have a new position of Roof Inspector. Recently, I went to my tool bag and saw what I used before, a nail gun, hammer, level, and a machine to cut wood. I saw my bag today and now I have a laptop, an iPad, and a thermal camera.

I felt very blessed by God and to have the 3 most beautiful teachers. The teachers have patience, creativity, observation, dedication, discipline, wisdom, patience, and humility. Each of the 3 has something very nice. Ms. Maura has patience, Ms. Melissa is kind and Ms. Robin the diva, her smile that we saw her go through very difficult times and her smile never lost. I love them—all 3! (Thank you for all teachers).

Contributing writer Milton Antonio Torres, wearing a suite with an American flap lapel pin, stands in front of a brick wall, facing the camera and smiling

*The Literacy Council of Northern Virginia is now the English Empowerment Center.