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New Voices from the Field Podcast! Serving Refugees and Immigrant Integration

VALRC is back with a new podcast, “Serving Refugees and Immigrant Integration” which is now available on our website.

In this podcast episode, VALRC Literacy Specialist Elizabeth Severson-Irby and three Virginia adult educators discuss the ways in which programs are reaching and serving refugee and immigrant populations. Panelists describe how their programs connect with learners in creative and innovative ways. They provide insights to partnering with local organizations and share what strategies they have implemented to better serve their refugee and immigrant communities.

Our podcasts are also designed so that programs and learning communities can use them for a team enrichment activity or colleagues can engage in dialogue together. We have Reflective Questions that can be used to spark discussion. In our current podcast, we pose questions in four areas taken from the podcast.

  • In what ways does or can your program reach out to and serve refugees/immigrants?
  • In what ways can you connect with refugee/immigrant learners in the learning environment?
  • Who are some of the key partners you could connect with to help serve refugees/immigrants in your area? What services could they provide? How can you connect with them?
  • What additional professional development would be helpful to you in order to further serve these populations of learners?

We also include related links to resources that can further inform your discussions and provide for deeper dives into the topics covered.

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Do you have a topic or suggestion that would make for a great podcast? Let us know! You can send us a direct message straight from our website Podcast’s page.

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