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On-Demand, Self-Paced Online Tutorials

For individuals who would like to learn when it is most convenient for your schedule, we have developed a variety of on-demand, self-paced online tutorials. Do you want to brush up on a topic you haven’t worked with in a while or explore a new aspect of adult education that you haven’t yet experienced but do not have the time to participate in a facilitated course? These tutorial courses let you learn at your own pace when you have some time in your day. Even if you get interrupted, you can come back to them at any time and pick up where you left off.

These on-demand, self-paced tutorials are offered through Virginia Commonwealth University’s Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). To see what courses are available, browse our main catalog in Canvas or explore the individual courses below.

In order to access the Canvas catalog, you will need to log in to your Canvas account. If you do not already have a Canvas account you will need to request one.

For help with Canvas, including account set-up, contact VALRC at vdesk@vcu.edu or 1-800-237-0178.

Questions? Watch our video on how to access the tutorials.

Adult Education in Virginia

This one-hour, adult education overview was created as a resource for teachers, staff, and partners who want to learn more about the field of adult education in Virginia. 1 Credit Hour

Adult ESOL Foundations

This two-hour, self-paced tutorial was designed to introduce or reintroduce adult educators and practitioners to foundational adult English language instructional tenets, practices, and strategies in order to broaden or deepen the understanding of foundational adult English language instruction. 2 Credit Hours

Culturally Responsive Education for Adult Educators

This one-hour, self-paced tutorial is designed to provide a brief overview of the importance of culturally responsive education in adult education. Lesson topics include defining culturally responsive education, unpacking implicit bias, understanding how the brain uses culture, and utilizing culturally responsive education in the classroom. A resource document is provided for further exploration. 1 Credit Hour

Distance Education Blended Learning Attendance Models

Module 1 of 2

The purpose of this one-hour, self-paced tutorial is to inform distance and/or blended learning instructors, administrators, and data staff about the core concepts of blended learning and the different time-tracking models for collecting and reporting student attendance data. 1 Credit Hour

Module 2 of 2

This one-hour, self-paced tutorial provides information about blended learning classroom instruction and its required components so that teachers and instructional leaders can increase their facility with this type of instruction and improve student performance in a blended learning setting. 1 Credit Hour

Five Components of Accessibility

In this one-hour, self-paced tutorial you will learn about the five main components of accessibility. These components include: color-contrast, hyperlinks, alt-text, tables, and headings. 1 Credit Hour

Understanding Virginia's Adult Education & Literacy Assessment Policy

The purpose of this one-hour, self-paced tutorial is to familiarize participants with the assessment section of the Assessment Policy and Distance Education Policy for Virginia Adult Education & Literacy Programs. 1 Credit Hour

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Facilitated online courses and self-paced tutorials are offered through the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). You will need a Canvas account to access these training sessions. If you do not already have a Canvas account you will need to request one. Once we receive your information, we will follow up with your Canvas login information and instructions for logging into and navigating Canvas.


VALRC partners with LINCS (Literacy Information and Communication System) to provide Virginia adult educators with an even more expansive array of professional development opportunities. LINCS offers an open-access, web-based learning platform that also provides over 20 self-paced online courses for adult educators and practitioners. To access professional development opportunities offered by LINCS, register for a free LINCS Learning Portal account.